2013-2014 Courses

PHIL 3217: Philosophy of Nature and the Environment (theme: extinction, biodiversity, and the wild) (Fall)

PHIL 3476: Existentialism (Fall)

PHIL 4007: Honour’s Seminar (theme: Philosophy and Biopolitics) (Winter)

2012-2013: On Sabbatical Leave

Past Courses

PHIL 1115: Introduction to Philosophy (6cr) (multiple times)

PHIL 2217: Environmental Ethics (3cr) (multiple times)

PHIL 2716: Philosophy and Film (Winter)

PHIL 3217: Philosophy of Nature and the Environment (3cr)

PHIL 3406: Hegel (3cr)

PHIL 3407: Kant (3cr)

PHIL 3436: Nietzsche (Fall)

PHIL 3476: Existentialism (3cr) (multiple times)

PHIL 3655: Philosophy of Language (6cr)

PHIL 3496: Hermeneutics (3cr)

PHIL 3497: Phenomenology (3cr)

PHIL 4006: Honours Seminar (Heidegger) (3cr)

PHIL 4007: Honours Seminar (Philosophy of Animal Life) (3cr)

PHIL 4805: Independent Studies (6cr) (multiple times)

HUMA 5126: Selected Topics (Environmental Aesthetics) (3cr)

HUST 6127: Independent Studies (Heidegger and Frankfurt School) (3cr)

Courses taught at York University and DePaul University

AK/MODR 1730: Modes of Reasoning (multiple times)

PHL 100: Philosophy and its Issues (multiple times)

PHL 204: Philosophy and Existential Themes (multiple times)