Get Ready for the Rebirth… article on de-extinction.


44′ High Diagram of the History of Philosophy

A pretty impressive, and looooonnng, diagram charting the various connections and influences through the history of philosophy. No doubt there will be misses, gaps, questions, ambiguities, and such, but it’s the most rigorous one I’ve seen to date. Not bad! And by this, I mean: much better than I could ever do!

Here’s the link, with pdf.

CBC Radio summer programs on extinction, conservation ethics

Some interesting human-animal radio programs on CBC this summer, including the following two:

Tooth & Claw: has had an episode on conservation triage and whether we should let some species go extinct, on top of other fascinating topics.

Line in the Sand: more topical episodes in The Current’s special program, including some on environmental ethics, arctic conservation, and more.